In 1974 the Small Business Administration created the 8(a) Program in an effort to help minority and other small disadvantaged businesses to compete for federal contracts with larger established companies. Government contracts can be awarded on a sole-source, non-competitive basis to eligible firms through the 8(a) program.

Why 8(a) contractors, such as Protect Video, are being utilized by federal buyers:

  • Federal buyers are able to write contracts sole sourced with no competition. Contracts can be up to $5.5 million for manufacturing and $3.5 million for goods and services.
  • Reduction in administrative time (faster awards). Contract award time is reduced by days/weeks.
  • Reduces contract protests.
  • Less paperwork is needed before or after the award from technical POC’s or contracting offices.
  • Discussions between the 8(a) company (Protect Video) and Government contractor/customer can be discussed by personnel regarding technical requirements before and during the actual preparation of the contract.
  • 8(a) set aside contracts are preferred by most contracting offices when compared to competitive contracts.
  • Each Federal contracting office has 8(a) contract requirements/goals to meet.
  • With 8(a) sole source awards, contract protests are significantly reduced.

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